The Accelerating Excellence In Translational Science (AXIS)Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science

The mission of the Community Engagement Function is to improve the quality of health and eliminate health disparities among under served communities (locally, nationally, and internationally) from a community-focused approach. This community-focused approach will entail actively engaging multiple stakeholders, representing the community’s diversity, to guide the development of mutually respectful community-academia partnerships that produce community-informed and relevant research.

1. Improve the translation of advancing technology into “real world” setting by a commitment to the community-participatory partnership paradigm.
2. Establish a representative network of collaborative partnerships with community based organizations and community serving agencies locally, nationally, and internationally.
3. Expand the academic capacity by developing a cadre of faculty researchers with expertise in community-participatory partnership research.
4. Establish an academic appointment process for Community Faculty.
5. Create a Community Engagement Speakers Bureau, which will highlight expertise of Community Faculty members, as well as increase the capacity of CDU faculty in community-participatory research strategies.

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1748 E. 118th St.
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Phone: 323-249-5704