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Information Systems

Department Summary:

The mission of the Charles Drew University Information Systems (IS) Department is to provide information technology leadership, systems, and services to the university in pursuit of its mission. The Information Systems Department provides infrastructure and services for all university academic and administrative programs.

1.What kind of services do you provide for researchers?.
Our technology infrastructure is organized around a TCP/IP Gigabit Fiber Campus Backbone Network (CBN). IS maintains servers, workstations, high speed switches, routers and network management modules attached to this backbone. The TCP/IP allows for transmission of voice, video and data at high speeds on a single network. Our network supports high-definition videoconferencing, online collaboration services, and streaming media delivery. Through our membership in the Internet2 consortium, and partnerships with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, and the USC Los Nettos network, the university has direct access to high-performance research networks throughout the country. The IS department helps CDU researchers, by providing them service in the following areas:.

PC support (Helpdesk)
Wireless access to the CDU network including the Internet
Server support for shared resources
E-mail address automatic creation
Website (
Telephone support
A/V support
Assessment of software
Software support
Website support
Creation of domain names

2.Describe a typical interaction with a researcher.
The IS department provides a huge variety of services for researchers at CDU including resolving telephone issues, computer support issues and even help sending email to their phones. Most often, a researcher will send an email to the HelpDesk ( or call us at (323) 563-4990 to report a problem or request a service. This opens a ticket which allows us to track each issue reported to us. This step is vital since we provide service for 650 computer users on campus. Once the problem has been assessed, one of our staff contacts the researcher to provide a solution or schedule a service call. Once the issue has been resolved, the ticket is closed. Many solutions to common problems can be found on the HelpDesk page on our website (

3.Tell us one thing researchers might not know about your office.
We do not backup the data that is kept on PCs on campus. If you want to have your data saved automatically, you should store it on your department’s shared drive or your own personal S: drive. The main servers are backed up daily. Please make sure you always back up your data.

Our IS staff are pretty amazing. Did you know that our Programmer-Analyst supports as many as 20 software applications? Most organizations have a 1:1 correspondence between application and application support staff.

Our computer support personnel work at a ratio of 325 users per staff member. Industry standard is 75:1!

4.What are your plans to improve research services in the future?
We are constantly in the process of improving the technology available on campus while working within budget constraints. We are upgrading to a high bandwidth connection for the researchers at Industry Way. We are discussing the possibility of replacing the phones in the Hawkins building and the costs involved with that.

5.What’s the best way for researchers to reach you?
The best way for researchers to reach us is by e-mail (listed on p.1). You can also find lots of information about IS and frequently asked questions on our website (

The Research Resource Spotlight series focuses on the offices and departments at CDU that are available to help researchers enhance their productivity and excel at translational research. It is produced by AXIS (Accelerating Excellence in Translational Science) which is funded by NIH-NIMHD grant #U54MD007598 (formerly #U54RR026138).

Information Systems (IS)

Cobb Building, Second Floor





Tuesday, May 01, 2012

      Matt Cullen
Director of Information Systems
(323) 357-3438

      Anthony Williams
Network Manager
(323) 563-4994

      Keith Ward
(323) 563-4916

      Don Dalhover
Helpdesk Manager
(323) 357-3407

      Claudia Ramirez
Computer Technical Specialist
(323) 563-9343

      Rick Wu
System Engineer
(323) 563-4927

      Ali Roshan
Web Administrator
(323) 563-4934

Many solutions to common problems can be found on the HelpDesk page on our website.

We are constantly in the process of improving the technology available on campus.