The Accelerating Excellence In Translational Science (AXIS)Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science

The Research Concierge is the physical and virtual hub for all the research services AXIS provides. Through the Research Concierge, AXIS provides science navigation across research resources, consultation and referral services to researchers. Our goal is to provide support (in person and online) to link investigators across disciplines, disease state, and institutional divides. We are here to support you through every step of the translational research process. Our Science Navigators are the first points of contact for all your relevant translational research needs including information on scientific expertise, grants, research protocol development, data analysis and guidance on how to best use human, intellectual and physical resources to excel in translational research. We strive to make navigating the translational research process easier for all CDU investigators and to support a strong, successful group of health disparities researchers.

Consultation Service
Come by and discuss your research plans and goals. Using our research process flowchart we can suggest ways to streamline your research, increase efficiency and access resources.

Referral Service
Don't know what AXIS can do for you? Want to use some of the resources provided by the AXIS functions and don't know which function might best serve your needs? We'll be happy to help direct you to resources that can help you succeed.

Research Dissemination
Do you want to highlight your research in the AXIS web portal? Our science navigators and website developers will help make your research more accessible to the CDU community and the general public.

Graphic Design
Do you need a new brochure for your research program? Do you need a graphic designer to make illustrations, a new logo or draw out a diagram for your next presentation or publication? Is your next poster going to look so much better if a designer helps you illustrate that pathway? We have a talented designer who can help you execute the vision you're hoping for. Initial consultations are free.

Science Navigator:

Romulo de Castro Jr., Ph.D.
Location: 1731 E. 120th St., Bldg. N Rm. 18, Los Angeles, CA 90059
Phone: (323) 249-5735
Fax: (323) 249-5745

Email us at: