The Accelerating Excellence In Translational Science (AXIS)Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science

Mentoring and Counseling
Toward our goal of promoting higher-quality scientific projects, and to meet individual junior faculty research development needs, AXIS Research Education and Training facilitates and enables mentoring and career counseling for eligible faculty. Our Function Director, Thomas Yoshikawa, MD, and senior faculty members Baqar Husaini, PhD, and Ron Andersen, PhD, are available for as-needed counseling and guidance sessions by appointment. All three are widely recognized and respected researchers with exemplary publication and grant records. All AXIS Pilot Project awardees are expected to meet on a regular basis with one or more of these mentors and advisors.

Monthly Research Club and Individualized Review of Manuscripts and Proposals
Toward our goal of promoting higher-quality scientific projects and proposals through a peer-based scientific review process, the AXIS Research Education and Training function has implemented a monthly AXIS Research Club. At this venue, Dr. Yoshikawa and other senior faculty will hear and critique manuscript drafts, grant proposals and other works-in-progress. All CDU faculty and researchers, and those from other institutions, are invited and encouraged to attend. The topic(s) for presentation and discussion will be announced through broadcast email in the preceding month, along with time and location details.

Translational Research Curriculum
Toward our goal of enhancing innovative team science in an interdisciplinary and cooperative research environment, AXIS Research Education and Training has implemented a comprehensive curriculum in clinical and translational research. Topics include grant preparation, health services research, clinical research, basic science in clinical research, safety and regulatory issues, community-based research and community participation, and manuscript writing. All AXIS-funded investigators are required to attend the entire curriculum and their progress in regards to NIH core competencies will be evaluated by AXIS Research Education and Training mentors and senior faculty.