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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Awards: CDU faculty awarded $430,500 from NIH Support of Competitive Research (SCORE) Pilot Project Award (SC2)

Dr. Kamrul Hasan, Assistant professor in the department of Internal Medicine, was awarded a three-year, $430,500 Support of Competitive Research Pilot Project Award (SC2) from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, an Institute part of the National Institute of Health.

With smoking and obesity being two risk factors for insulin resistance and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD), morbidity and mortality associated with metabolic diseases will soar with current epidemics of obesity across the USA. This demands for continued effort to identify new targets for prevention. Dr. Hasan’s research will investigate the causative roles of a novel gene CARF, a new member of p53 tumor suppressor pathways, in insulin resistance caused by nicotine and high fat diet and pave the way for the development of therapeutic agents affecting these pathways as targets for insulin resistant conditions, including NAFLD.

The Pilot Project Award (SC2) is for those who are at the beginning stages of a research career, applying for their first independent award, and who are interested in testing a new idea, or generating preliminary data.