The Accelerating Excellence In Translational Science (AXIS)Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Research Needs Survey Results

Thank you to those who took time to answer the research needs survey. The information you provided was very helpful in generating a preliminary report. At the AXIS launch last April, many of you requested help in your research from AXIS; this survey was conducted to address your requests.

Here we present what we found and some recommendations, we have also included a summary of the results for your own review.

1) About the survey
The survey was open for four weeks, and we sent a few reminders to ask everyone to submit their responses. The survey was sent to “research-users” and the responses were collected anonymously. The questions were not mandatory.

By the time the survey was closed there were 18 respondents and two more responses were received after the survey was closed for a total of 20 responses.

Recommendation: A response of only 20 is not a good basis for making strategic decisions regarding resource allocation and determination of the potential impact of research support. Thus, it is recommended that a more widespread survey be conducted among researchers (faculty and staff alike) in order to make better informed decisions regarding research support and to validate these preliminary results. We are now planning a follow-up survey and hope for a more widespread participation. Remember, without your participation, it will be difficult to address your own research needs.

2) Available equipment and resource directory
Most researchers who responded do not have trouble using available equipment --- those who have problems with available equipment have indicated poor maintenance of the equipment. Many of the respondents also asked for an online directory that lists what equipment is available, where to find it and a contact person. It was very heartening to know that the majority of the respondents are willing to participate in keeping such an equipment directory updated.

Status: Such an online directory is in the works and it can become a primary research resource here at CDU if all researchers participate in updating it.

3) Other research concerns
The following issues were also brought up:
Lab safety
Power outages
Basic lab supplies

Recommendation: Because of the low number of respondents, a follow-up survey is needed to validate these concerns before addressing them.

So please watch out for our follow-up survey and encourage your colleagues to participate!